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available from FIVE STAR Publishing in May 2015 is the first in a series of cozy mysteries set on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where men outnumber women and moose outnumber men and homicides typically involve deer and cars.

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FIVE STAR Publishing, May, 2015

When Hatti Lehtinen, owner of a bait-slash-knit shop agrees to take on the role of police chief in her tiny close-knit hometown on the Keewenaw Peninsula, she figures her toughest task will be trying to pry the nickels out of the frozen parking meters on Main Street. It’s the middle of winter and too cold for crime which is a good thing, because Hatti is no Finnish Columbo. She knows worms and yarn, not murder.

But someone wanted lovely Liisa Pellonen dead and when, on the eve of the first annual Christmas festival Pikkujoulu, the body of the reigning Saint Lucy, turns up in the funeral home’s sauna, it’s Hatti’s job to find out who, among the people she’s known all her life, would commit murder.

Review 3/1/2015

“The Nordic background will appeal to those who enjoy Kathleen Ernst’s Chloe Ellefson mysteries, which also concern Norwegian Americans.”


Issue: March 1, 2015

Hoping to increase tourism, the residents of Red Jacket, Michigan, on the Keweenaw Peninsula, are gearing up for the St. Lucy’s Day parade and the Pikkujoulu (Little Christmas) festival, events designed to earn the town a stop on the Keweenaw Snow Train. When town father Arvo Maki picks his protégé, Liisa Pelonen, as this year’s St. Lucy, bypassing the traditional method of choosing a young woman for the coveted position, he angers many in the town. When Liisa is found dead, acting police chief Hatti Lehtinen investigates. However, Hatti, owner of Bait & Stitch, the local fishing and knitting shop, is quickly out of her depth and enlists the aid of her sister, cousin, and good friend, along with her estranged husband, Jace Night Wind, whose half-brother is the prime suspect. Details of Finnish culture and small-town life frame Hatti’s investigation, related in the first person. The Nordic background will appeal to those who enjoy Kathleen Ernst’s Chloe Ellefson mysteries, which also concern Norwegian Americans. — Sue O’Brien


Kirkus Reviews


Being the temporary police chief of Red Jacket, Michigan, is no sinecure. Hatti Lehtinen, separated from her lawyer husband, Jace Night Wind, is running a combination bait and knitting shop. When her stepfather is hospitalized, she takes on his job, …


A Jewel of the Night series

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The Wild Rose Press, May, 2012

Secrets, old and not so old, lie just beneath the surface even on Main Street, U.S.A.

Daisy Budd and her sisters expected some opposition when they decided to turn a crumbling mortuary into a fashionable wedding boutique.  After all, small towns like Mayville, Michigan, home of Bowman’s Biscuits, were not noted for change.  But Daisy’s tolerance turns to terror as she receives a series of threatening letters, finds burned black candles in the cellar and discovers a corpse in the Cupid Fountain.  Something is very wrong at Happily Ever After and she intends to find out what even if it means dealing with the Bowman family’s black sheep, the man who broke her sister’s heart.

Nick Bowman, disinherited grandson of the late founder of Mayville’s leading business, Bowman’s Biscuits, Inc., is back in town only long enough to fulfill a posthumous request.  Nick’s task, to find and return an unidentified World War II treasure code-named the blue diamond that has been hidden in the old mortuary for more than sixty years.  The problem?  Somebody else has found out about the treasure – someone who is willing to kill for it.

As Nick and Daisy team up to stop the murderer the sparks between them turn into flames just as a game-changing secret is revealed.



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A reluctant earl, a determined lady and an abandoned cottage…scandal, anyone?

The heartless Earl of Marchmont is threatening Honeysuckle Watson’s family home .  Luckily, Honey has a plan.   She will lure the earl from London with tales of an imaginary highwayman on his estate after which she will compromise herself to force his hand.

Reginald Wanstead, a dedicated rake, had never sought the title but now that he is earl he must marry to secure the succession.  Reggie selects a biddable young lady who will give him an heir and no trouble and he determinedly avoids the insufferable. titian-haired termagant given to nagging him about his duties.

But even a devil earl cannot control the weather and an ill-timed thunderstorm forces Reggie and Honey to shelter at a lonely cottage.  Just as Honey is about to achieve her moment of triumph she falters and is forced to face a most unwelcome question.

Is it possible Honeysuckle has fallen in love with the devil earl?


“Ever have a romance novel completely rectify a bad day and leave you smiling?  If not, give THE EARL THAT I MARRY a try.  I’ll bet your day will improve significantly upon reading.  The promise of further formances between the characters has me crossing my fingers that the BRIDES AND PREJUDICE series has a long and successful future.”


Ms. Yost created a great heroine in her delightful story.  The heroine is not a perfect beauty but strong, smart and devoted to the people of her village.  With its charming characters and imaginative plot, THE EARL THAT I MARRY is a lovely tale you won’t want to miss.  – Five Lips

“I love this book.  Author Ann Yost has mastered the richness and delicious flavor of the language from that time period.  Many books I have read use it in dialogue, but Ann carries it through the narrative, which makes for a delightful read that really draws the reader into the story.  Add two compelling main characters and sprinkle in a dash of humor and this is a recipe for the perfect read.  I highly recommend this book to any discerning regency ready.    – Jayne Ormerod, author of THE BLOND LEADING THE BLOND


The Runaway Bride meets Arsenic and Old Lace

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An ex-bride and a divorced loner battle the past, local gossip and industrial-strength personal chemistry when they join forces to

unmask an unorthodox small-town killer.

“THAT VOODOO THAT YOU DO” is a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging story with twists, turns, mystery, suspense, humor and just about everything else you could possibly imagine – including a dash of magic. This is a definite must-read.  The writing is tight, the characters are sharp and the varying subplots will ensure you don’t want to put this one down.”  –  Fern,  Long and Short Romance Reviews

“This was a good solid mystery with a nice dose of romance and a little humor. The setting was fabulous.  I’d love to visit Mystic Hollow, minus the murders, of course.  There were so many lovable characters my favorite being Aunt Blanche’s canasta club.  If you like your mysteries with quaint characters and a nice helping of romance I definitely suggest you read this one.” – Theresa Joseph, The Romance Studio

“With many lovable characters this story is an endearing read.  Ann Yost writes an intriguing story that keeps you entertained all the way to the last page.” –  Gabrielle, Got Erotic Romance

“Yost pens a story that’s heavy on romance and suspense, but with a comedic flair in the form of some elderly ladies who are convinced they are witches.” –   Cindy Himler, Romantic Times. 



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Introducing my second published novel, ABOUT A BABY, available in August, is the first story in a series set in Eden, Maine.

Basil Outlaw, a veterinarian and confirmed bachelor is so estranged from his family and everyone that he failed to recognize love when it finally caught up to him.  It’s Christmas-time in Maine and he wants another chance.

Hallie Scott was once in love with the taciturn veterinarian but she can’t forget that his kneejerk rejection destroyed her last chance to have a baby of her own. She doesn’t care that it’s Christmas.  Second chance denied.

While Hallie keeps her focus on her clients including a wounded bat, an anxious poodle and a boa constrictor suffering from ennui, Baz focuses on trying to win her back.  He is desperate enough to form an alliance with the father he hasn’t spoken to in two decades but even at that he knows he’s got a tough fight ahead because while Hallie was losing her shot at motherhood, Baz had acquired a baby of his own.